Audio is where our heart is at. In need of an audio system to turn your party into the new Glastonbury? Or do you prefer a more subtle approach, with a select set-up of key cabinets tailored to the scope of your party?

Regardless the size or purpose of your event, we are committed to delivering the best experience your audience can enjoy. We are generally never happier than working to make our favourite DJs, bands and musicians sound the best they possibly can. In consultation with our engineers, we translate your wishes into a perfect harmony of sound and noise. Even the most obsessed audiophiles will be left stunned. Our innovative approach focuses on increased clarity and vastly-improved efficiency. We achieve this through cutting-edge, brand-agnostic research, tested out in the field!

Special Fx

Strong visuals deliver an essential boost to the atmosphere you want to create. Without it, the experience wouldn’t be complete. That is why we offer a variety of special effects. A lasershow controlled by professional operators or optical illusions through mapping? Aku got you covered with unmatched excellence.